WE'RE BACK! The State of Hawaii has reinstated boating permits as of 6/3/2020.If you are a resident or visitor who has been here awhile, we can take you out sailing! You MUST have cleared the state's mandatory 14-day quarantine after airplane travel (Hawaii residents and visitors alike!) Departures will be from Kewalo Basin Harbor, 1125 Ala Moana Boulevard, until Hilton Hawaiian Village announces its reopening date, at which point departures from the Hilton Pier will resume.
   There is still a mandatory 14-day quarantine in place from the time of any arrival from out of state, so it's still a good time to Stay Home Now, ALOHA LATER!Hawaii's hospitality professionals will welcome all visitors back with open arms when safe to do so. 

Call 808-234-7245 -- We answer 24 hours a day

Hilton In-Room Ext. 74292 * 888-904-4088 toll-free call center


Sailing daily from the Hilton Pier


Your safety is our top priority. To help keep you and our staff healthy, and maintain Hawaii as the safest U.S. state for visitors and locals alike, we strictly adhere to every possible precaution against the transmission of COVID-19:

* All guests must submit this online health-screening form prior to boarding, no more than 24 hours prior and no less than 6 hours prior.

* Guests and staff must wear cloth face masks whenever practical.

* Hand-washing sinks upon boarding ensure all guests and staff sanitize hands.

* All handheld surfaces are disinfected before and after each trip.

* Snorkels and snorkel-masks must be brought by each guest or can be bought new aboard.

* All food and drinks are prepackaged and single-serve.
* Boat max capacities have been reduced to allow ample social distancing between groups. * Guests must keep at least 6 feet social distance from unrelated parties, and in groups no larger than 5 people total per distanced group.

* We maintain a strict no-work-while-sick policy.

* Visitors and staff also must adhere to all current quarantine policies.